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Looking for a horse drawn carriage for your event? Our site is a one-stop site for all you need to know about horse drawn carriages, we help you find and pick the right company for your needs. We have established relationships with the main horse-drawn companies across the whole of the UK.

Using our site has many benefits: - Get a quick response - No need to shop around - Its completely free

How do you start? Easy! To start, simply enter your postcode on the top and click find now! has become a specialist in connecting individuals looking to hire a horse drawn carriage for their event. Ranging from weddings, funerals, birthday office and general events or parties and of course proms. Identifying a strong need for a site which collects the best companies locally to offer you an objective and unbiased choice from amongst the many companies offering their services in the UK.
It can be tricky to find information online regarding horse and carriage hire prices, the reason being is that each person's requirements are unique - thus each quote is tailored for you.

We wish you the best of luck with your horse and carriage selection and hope you find the site to be of value to you in your journey.

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