Horse Training

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Proper horse training can go a very long way in grooming a horse to provide carriage services. Horses are naturally spirited animals, and as such, it takes time, patience and good training to help mold them into preparation for the task. Carriage horses, horses that are trained to pull buggies and carriages in public venues, go through rigorous training in order to prepare them. Once they complete the training process, it takes a properly trained individual to ensure they put their training to work.

The horse drawn carriage concept is well rooted in history. Horses are strong and graceful animals, and working horses can be trained easily to meet a variety of transportation needs. It has never been possible to simply gear up a horse and expect it to cooperate with a carriage or buggy on its back. Instead, horses go through a rigorous training process which involves teaching them commands and specific actions so that they can effectively meet the needs of their job.

Not only do horses require the right horse training, but also the right carriage driving equipment. This includes properly fitted harnesses and driving bits and the proper cart or carriage. There are different types of bits and harnesses to meet your needs as well. Once you have the right equipment you can work on the training process.

There are a lot of different considerations that you need to make when training a horse for carriage driving. For example, it is important to know at what age a horse is ready to be trained. There are specific horse riding cues that you are going to want to teach the horse in order to make sure that they respond properly to your commands and your needs. Body language is also important, because your body language can tell the horse what to do or where to go.

It is important to understand that horse riding training and carriage driving training are different, because what is specifically expected of the horse is very different from task to task. A horse that has been trained for riding is not naturally going to understand how to drive a carriage. Most horses used for carriage driving are trained specifically for that purpose. They are taught to become accustomed to the specific gear that they must wear, and they grow up knowing how to pull a cart or carriage. Horses intended for this purpose are groomed specifically to be good at carriage pulling, because they have to be comfortable in public, around people and loud noises, pulling the carriage and responding to their owner's commands.

Understanding a little bit about what goes into horse training for carriage pulling will help you better understand how far the horse has come to pull you in a carriage today.