Horse carriage for weddings

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The horse drawn carriage creates wedding splendour
Your wedding CAN be a fairy tale.
Imagine the scene. Guests are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom when they hear the clip-clop of horses' hooves. Suddenly, they see an elegant carriage arrive, looking as though it were lifted from the pages of a Jane Austin novel or from the midst of a Victorian street.

Nothing can surpass the sense of romance and tradition evoked by a horse drawn carriage pulled by a handsome matched pair of horses. Throughout the U.K., you will find myriad companies offering carriage transport for your wedding, complete with driver and coachmen in traditional livery.

You can take your pick from a convertible landau to a Victoria, from powerful shire horses to sleek Friesians. Whatever your preference, whatever your location, our site will help lead you to the carriage of your dreams.